Case Summary

Chronology of Events

Post-conviction Legal Chronology (Updated 11/24/22)



Miscellaneous stuff from the retrial

Berries and ice cream (Updated 11/28/22)

Photos of Lyle and Erik

“I Will Change Your Verdict”

Evidentiary rulings

Manslaughter instructions

Penalty phase arguments and Sentencing

Big 5 – handguns (Updated 11/28/22)

Jamie Pisarcik incident (Updated 11/27/22)

Traci Baker letter

Amir Eslaminia letter

Shark fishing (Updated 11/25/22)

Picking up the shotgun shells

911 call

Erik toying with Detective Zoeller?

No plan to kill?

Driver’s license and N.R.A. mail

Shopping at the Beverly Center

Thoughts on Andy Cano letter

Photograph of Jose Menendez with his sons

“Sick and embarrassing secrets”

Sexual abuse evidence in the second trial

Why did Lyle not testify in the second trial?

December 11, 1989 tape

Menendez brothers trials

Larry King Live

Retrial jury

Mark Slotkin

Jose Menendez and the Madam

Novelli tapes

Potential juror misconduct

Leslie Abramson interview

“That’s how it’s going to be.”

Was Jose Menendez abused?

Erik Menendez probation report

Lyle Menendez probation report

Witness index – First trial

Index – Second trial

Redactions in Vicary notes

The Screenplay

Exhibit list – First trial

“Are they dead?”

Blaming the Mafia

Retrial jury and family history evidence

Erik going to college

Crime scene analysis

Lyle and Erik high fiving each other

Lyle Menendez and Norma Novelli talking about Oziel

Novelli tapes – part 2

Barbara Walters interviews the Menendez brothers

Did no one like Jose Menendez?

Chinese restaurant conversation

Kitty’s concern about her sons

Injury to Erik’s throat

Spending evidence

The Confession