Chinese restaurant conversation

What exactly was said in the conversation between Lyle Menendez and his best friend Donovan Goodreau in the Chinese restaurant? Can we ever know for sure? I encourage people to review the publically available information and come to their own conclusion.

I will post the links to the relevant trial videos in the chronological order in which the events transpired in the first trial. In addition to the testimony there were also lenghty hearings dealing with whether reporter Robert Rand’s tape was covered under California’s “shield law.” Since those hearings dealt with legal issues concerning the tape and have no direct, or even indirect, bearing upon Donovan Goodreau’s credibility, I have not indicated those hearings. Although much of Robert Rand’s testimony also went to the legal issues, a good part of his testimony is relevant to the content of the tape.

Donovan Goodreau testimony:
1:05:26 – 1:09:20

Donovan Goodreau testimony:
2:01:22 – 2:19:39

Robert Rand testimony:
00:00 – 11:00

Glenn Stevens testimony:
11:01 – 16:35

Robert Rand testimony:
1:54:35 – 2:05:15

Lyle Menendez testimony:
1:17:30 1:23:52

Donovan Goodreau testimony:
12:29 – Direct examination (Rand tape played at 23:26 – 27:29.)
44:06 – Cross-examination
57:18 – Redirect examination
58:33 – The witness is excused.

In addition to watching/listening to the testimony, I will suggest to also read the following:

Pages 172-182 of Robert Rand’s book, “The Menendez Murders.”

Dominick Dunne’s October 1990 Vanity Fair article referred to in the testimony:

Article from Robert Rand’s website:

Interview with Robert Rand: (The portion dealing with Donovan Goodreau is near the end of the article.)