Novelli tapes – part 2

Having posted a transcript of the conversation in which Lyle talks with Norma Novelli about having to make up a story in regards to Dr. Oziel, I want to touch on one particular statement Lyle makes. It’s a statement one won’t find in the transcript in Novelli’s book, but it can be heard on the audiobook version. The statement is made at the very end of the following segment:

NORMA: Yeah. Is this about the August period? August, September or what?
LYLE: What?
NORMA: This whole period that you are gonna make this thing up, where you’re gonna have to fit something in, what period of time is it going to be in?
LYLE: Halloween.
NORMA: Halloween time?
LYLE: Yeah.
NORMA: Around there? Okay.
LYLE: Exactly Halloween.
NORMA: Halloween day?
LYLE: Yeah.
NORMA: Okay. But do you know where he was on Halloween?
LYLE: I have a friend in town —
NORMA: Yeah.
LYLE: — at that moment, but he’s in Greece so I would need to get the number out there. Like I said, I have a little time.
NORMA: Yeah.
LYLE: And maybe he can help me out. He can say he dropped me off at the meeting or whatever — something of that sort. You know what I mean?
NORMA: Yeah. I know that you didn’t know many people around Beverly Hills at that particular time, did you? Because you hadn’t been here long enough —
LYLE: No, but I —
NORMA: To fall back on now I mean.
LYLE: Unfortunately that’s true.
NORMA: Yeah.
LYLE: I can also get verification from people in Jersey or anywhere in the country whom I told later this has happened or whatever.
NORMA: Yeah.
LYLE: And it could be a prior consistent statement. Like if they try to suggest that I’m lying —
NORMA: Yeah.
LYLE: — then I can bring in so and so to say that, No he told me that this happened or whatever.
NORMA: Yeah, okay.
LYLE: So I can bring in other people. It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t aware of this problem earlier because a lot of the people that can help me I’ve used for other things. But, you know. I was gonna use —

The statement of interest is the part that reads, “a lot of the people that can help me I’ve used for other things.”

In the book this statement is not included. The book incorrectly quotes Lyle as saying, “I can bring in other people – – it’s unfortunate that I wasn’t aware of this problem earlier ‘cause there’s a lot of people that can help me, but you know. I was going to use….”

There can be no dispute that Lyle’s statement (“a lot of the people that can help me I’ve used for other things.”) is made in the context of talking about fabricating evidence.
What does Lyle mean when he says that there’s “a lot” of people that he has “used for other things”? Given the fact that the context of the conversation is about fabricating evidence, I submit that the most rational explanation is that Lyle means that he has a lot of people who are willing to help him fabricate evidence, and that he has used all these people to fabricate evidence in other areas of his defense case. We know he had already used Brian Eslaminia and Traci Baker to fabricate evidence. (Eslaminia didn’t testify, but as noted in the original Novelli tapes post it was Lyle’s intention even after the trial had commenced that Eslaminia do so.) Lyle saying there’s “a lot” of people he has “used for other things” strongly suggests there’s more than Eslaminia and Baker. Indeed, Lyle talks about a friend who was in Greece and also “people in Jersey or anywhere in the country” as persons who can help him.

In my opinion, when Lyle says: “a lot of the people that can help me I’ve used for other things,” he is talking about having used a lot of people to fabricate evidence. If you believe he meant something else, then continue on with whatever you believe.