“Are they dead?”

About three hours after he and his brother shot their parents to death, Erik Menendez was interviewed by Sergeant Thomas Edmonds at the Beverly Hills Police Department. Near the end of the interview Erik asks Edmonds: “Are they dead?” Edmonds replies: “Yes.” The last thing heard on the tape is Erik crying.

You can listen to the entire interview at 4:50 – 17:04 in trial video 6:

At the time the interview ended, Edmonds hadn’t finished with the questions he wanted to ask Erik. Edmonds terminated the interview because he “felt that it was the humane thing to do because he (Erik) was crying and appeared to be very sad.”

Erik testified why he had asked Edmonds, “Are they dead?”:
“I intellectually knew they were dead. Emotionally I could not accept it, and I asked the question. I needed to hear it from him. I was having trouble believing it…. I wasn’t planning on saying it. It’s something that I just said because emotionally I was — it’s hard to explain what I was feeling. It was just a disbelief that this could be happening.”

I don’t buy Erik’s explanation. Erik told Edmonds a lot of lies during the interview, and pretending that he didn’t know whether his parents were dead or not was a lie he told in order to make the false story he had told Edmonds more convincing.