Redactions in Vicary notes

In November 1993, shortly before Dr. William Vicary’s testimony in the first trial he and defense attorney Leslie Abramson met and reviewed Vicary’s interview notes from Vicary’s sessions with Erik Menendez.
Vicary subsequently rewrote 10 pages of his notes.
The change was detected during the penalty phase of the second trial.
If you want more information as to how it all transpired you can review the transcripts of April 4, 5, 9 and 10, 1996. This post will focus exclusively on the changes between the modified version and unmodified version of the notes. Prosecutor David Conn stated in court that, “It’s my understanding that Dr. Vicary rewrote 10 pages of his notes…. And on those 10 pages I see approximately 24 areas of inquiry that would be necessary to question him in regard to.”

The 24 areas, many of which were excluded by Judge Weisberg from coming before the jury, are listed below. Not each and every one contains quotes from the notes, many of the areas were simple read in paraphrased form.

Page 7, on the top there’s a reference regarding Dr. Oziel: “[Oziel] Also saw parents. Told them kids danger to parents. Father not believed. Started locking their doors.”

Page 7, in the middle it says: “Ended 8/7.”

Page 7, at the bottom it says: “Father said played like an ass. Defendant wanted to go on tour. Father said no.”

Page 18, Erik told Vicary about discussions he had with Lyle. The entry reads: “One week prior talking with Lyle what it would be like without the parents.”

Page 18, the next reference is to Lyle having a toupee for his thin hair, and that his father would no longer pay for the cost.

Page 18, the next area relates to drug money going through the father’s business and includes the sentence, “Father knew we knew.”

Page 18, the fourth paragraph, notation reads: “[Father] Bought Strawberries. Threw out Mafia people.”

Page 20, in the upper right-hand corner, it says: “Father cut brother’s hair prescription off.”

Page 20: “Brother said wait a week. Defendant said I can’t take another week.”

Page 20, regarding the subject of being disowned, it says: “There times during my life.”
Vicary stated in court that “The first time happened after Erik was charged with burglary. His father was very angry about that.”
Vicary’s notes further reads: “And the second occurred after he had been practicing tennis and he had a big argument with his father. He did not tell me.” (This reference also indicate: “Brother and I both.”)

Page 20, the fourth area: “In May there was a huge argument. Father wouldn’t listen. Mother took father’s side. Knew I hated mother.”

Page 22: “One week prior. Hate this man and this woman. Not my parents. Want them out of my life. Hated being around them.”

Page 22: “In the five-day period prior to the homicides was having nightmares. In the nightmares, mother and father are chasing us. I’m running away from my parents. I wake up shaking, want to kill them, rage about things that happened and were about to happen.”

Page 28, Erik indicated that at the age of five he was molested, but not sodomized, by a babysitter.

Page 96, Erik related he had a homosexual experience at the age of 11. He also indicated that he had another homosexual experience at the age of 12. He also indicated that he had a homosexual experience at the age of 16.

Page 28, at the bottom line, Erik indicated that “Mother found out about” that person with whom Erik had the homosexual experience.

Page 29: “He loved my body.” (That was in reference to his father.)

Page 29, Erik indicated that his father found out about that person with whom he had the homosexual relationship with at the age of 16, and his father was furious.

Page 62, concerning the homosexual experience he had at the age of 11 and 12, Erik indicated that he had some touching contact with that person approximately four or five times.

Page 62, Erik also indicated that following his breakup with Kirsten, he had a homosexual relationship with that person whom he identified as having had a relationship with at the age of 16, and indicated that that homosexual relationship included oral sex and sodomy.

Page 71, Erik indicated that there was a really evil side to his grandmother. He also indicated that his father learned from grandmother.

Page 74, Erik told Vicary that his father had a homosexual lover in California; that homosexual lover came over on Friday August 18, 1989 (two days before the killings), and the homosexual lover told Erik that his mother and father were going to kill him.

Page 95: “Depressed when Tony left in December, January. No time to get depressed when he’s around.” (“Tony” was another inmate.)

Page 95: “Lyle’s incestuous relationship with mother in his head.”