“That’s how it’s going to be.”

The 2002 book “Murder Trail” by Colin Bell contains a chapter about the Menendez brothers case. One paragraph of that chapter reads:

Bozanich was put back on the case a few months after the arrests and made a very shrewd guess about the likely defence. ‘I actually told people that I thought they were going to have to use sexual abuse, because that was the only thing I could think of that they could try to get out from under, and I knew they wouldn’t go for manslaughter or second-degree murder; they were going to go for the big acquittal. Now I know that Lyle Menendez told a relative that they were going to pursue this, and she said to him, “Lyle, you know that’s not true”, and he said to her “That’s how it’s going to be.” I had that information before the end of the trial, but I could not put her on the stand because it would have been indecent to do so: it would have ruined her life.’

Dominick Dunne, in his March, 1994 Vanity Fair article (https://www.vanityfair.com/magazine/1994/03/dunne199403), related the same story about a Menendez relative who was told by Lyle that the defense was going to be child abuse and molestation, and when the relative expressed total disbelief that the molestation had ever happened, Lyle said, “Well, that’s the way it’s going to be.”

Did Lyle make such a statement? If so, what did he mean by it? Judge for yourself.