Larry King Live

The television talk show “Larry King Live”, hosted by the late Larry King, ran for 20 seasons and made several episodes about the Menendez brothers case. The transcripts of the shows/episodes aired in this century are as follows:

August 19, 2002: Anniversary of Murder in Beverly Hills

August 20, 2003: A Look Back at the Menendez Brothers Murder Case

July 15, 2004: Larry King Interviews Tammi Menendez, wife of jailed murderer Erik Menendez

December 16, 2004: A Look at San Quentin (Features interview with Tammi Menendez)

January 12, 2006: Interview With Erik and Tammi Menendez

I have no knowledge of how many episodes about the Menendez brothers case the Larry King Live show made in the 1990s, nor am I aware of any of the transcripts being online. I do know that Leslie Abramson appeared on the show on April 30, 1996. Here is the link to a self-made transcript of that interview: