Menendez brothers trials

The first Menendez brothers trial is available on the Court TV website:

There are 121 videos. Per my calculations the 121 videos add up to 13 days 12 hours 46 minutes 50 seconds. Approximately 325 hours.

101 witnesses were called to testify. Some witnesses testified on more than one occasion. 406 exhibits were marked.

The prosecution rest their case in video 29. The defense rest their case in video 95. The rebuttal phase is videos 96-106.

Video 120 is labelled “Lyle Menendez jury deliberations.” However, the first 1:02:30 of the video has been erroneously included and is in fact a portion of video 101 that has nothing to do with jury deliberations.

Video 121 labelled “Retrial hearing” is the June 29, 1994 hearing.
Los Angeles Times article:

There was no camera in the courtroom during the second trial, hence no video recordings exist. However, the trial transcripts are available and can be found via the Wayback Machine: