Erik toying with Detective Zoeller?

Lyle and Erik Menendez were both interviewed by Detective Les Zoeller on September 17, 1989. At one point during his interview Erik said the following:
Do you know there was a bullet hole in my jeans, and in fact I compared that bullet hole on one side of the jeans with the bullet hole in the other side of the jeans, and it seems to match up. And it seems to me this was a shot that was fired. Maybe my jeans were in the room at the time of the shooting.

During his testimony (Direct examination 12/12/95 – Cross-examination 1/4/96) Erik had a hard time explaining why he made that statement.
Prosecutor David Conn made his position clear during the opening phase of closing argument (2/21/96):
The only reasonable interpretation of this evidence was that he was trying to play games with Detective Zoeller.

Was Erik Menendez just having a good time, playing games with Detective Zoeller? Or was he curious why his jeans had a bullet hole in them, if indeed they did?

Draw your own conclusion.