Shark fishing

The Menendez family went shark fishing in the late afternoon on Saturday, August 19, 1989. In addition to the four Menendez family members, there were three other people on the boat.

First trial
The boat operator, Bob Anderson, was the fifth witness called by the prosecution. His testimony is found in trial video 4 at 48:15 – 1:28:05.
You can also read my trial notes on Anderson’s testimony.

The prosecution presented no other testimony concerning the trip.

Lyle Menendez’s testimony on direct examination concerning going shark fishing is found in trial video 51 at 3:18:38 – 3:27:50.

On cross-examination, Lyle testified that Bob Anderson “seemed suspicious.” See trial video 53 at 3:12:47 – 3:16:59.

Erik Menendez’s testimony concerning the trip was very brief on direct examination. It is found in trial video 58 at 3:22:33 – 3:24:25.

Second trial
The prosecution didn’t call Bob Anderson to testify in the second trial. Instead he was called as a defense witness this time around. Anderson’s girlfriend, Leslie Gaskill, was also called by the defense to testify about her observations on the boat on August 19, 1989. Here are links to the relevant testimony and closing arguments from the second trial:
December 6, 1995: Leslie Gaskill testimony
December 6, 1995: Robert Anderson testimony
December 11, 1995: Erik Menendez – Direct examination
December 21, 1995: Erik Menendez – Cross-examination
February 22, 1996: Prosecution’s opening argument
February 28, 1996: Erik’s closing argument
February 29, 1996: Lyle’s closing argument