Jamie Pisarcik incident

In early December 1990, during one of Jamie Pisarcik’s many visits with Lyle Menendez in the Los Angeles County Jail, Lyle made a request of Pisarcik. Lyle asked her to watch a movie called “At Close Range.” Lyle asked Pisarcik to lie and say that his father had done to her what was done to a character in the movie, and that there was going to be a large sum of money placed in her bank account if she agreed.

First Trial
During Lyle Menendez’s testimony, defense attorney Jill Lansing played a three and a half minute long excerpt of a recorded statement Jamie Pisarcik had given to the prosecutors. See trial video 52 at 56:00 – 59:35. In order to understand the context better I recommend that you watch from 42:41 – 59:50.

Pisarcik would later testify during the prosecution’s rebuttal. Her testimony regarding the bribe attempt was extremely brief. See trial video 99 at 23:45 – 24:48.

According to the excellent book “Blood Brothers” by Ron Soble and John Johnson, the reason the bribe incident was glossed over so quickly in the first trial was because of a stipulation between the defense and prosecution. (See “Blood Brothers” page 380.)

Second Trial
Pisarcik’s testimony regarding the bribery incident (and Lyle’s confession):
November 1, 1995: Direct examination
November 1, 1995: Cross-examination
November 2, 1995: Redirect and recross-examination

Lyle Menendez did not testify in the second trial. Had he done so, I’m sure his testimony concerning the bribe attempt/incident would have gone well beyond the single question he was asked about it in the first trial.