Miscellaneous stuff from the retrial

The entire trial transcripts can be found here:

October 6, 1995: Judge Weisberg bans television cameras from the retrial.

October 11 – 12, 1995: Opening statements made by the Prosecution, and Erik’s counsel, and Lyle’s counsel.

October 16, 1995: Christine Nye, Beverly Hills Police Department 911 dispatcher, testifies she took the call from Lyle Menendez reporting he found his parents’ bodies.
Officer Michael Butkus, the first police officer to arrive at the Menendez mansion after Lyle’s 911 call, describes the brothers’ demeanor.

November 3, 1995: Marlene Eisenberg testifies about three conversations she had with Lyle Menendez. During Charles Gessler’s cross-examination of Erik Menendez (December 14), a video showing the brothers walking out of the memorial service in which Lyle’s boots are visible is played for the jury.

December 6, 1995: Leslie Gaskill and Robert Anderson testify about their observations of the demeanor of the Menendez family on a shark fishing trip the day before the killings.

December 12, 1995: On direct examination, Erik Menendez describes how he and Lyle killed their parents.

December 13 – 14, 1995: On direct examination, Erik Menendez describes his confession to Dr. Oziel, and the making of the 12/11/89 tape. (Dec. 13 ; Dec. 14)

December 14, 1995: David Conn begins his cross-examination of Erik Menendez by reviewing all the times Erik had lied to the police, his family and friends during the six months between the killings and his arrest.

December 18, 1995: On cross-examination, David Conn challenges Erik’s allegations that his father molested him.

January 18, 1996: Kathy Simonton testifies how Jose Menendez treated his sons when he taught them how to swim.
Joan VanderMolen testifies about various subjects.

January 23, 1996: The defense demands a mistrial after David Conn began his cross-examination of Dr. John Wilson.

January 26, 1996: Andy Cano testifies that Erik had told him about being sexually molested by his father. (Both the prosecution and Erik’s defense attorney later commented on Andy Cano during their closing arguments.)
Norman Puls, Erik’s former math tutor, testifies that Erik had periods when he “spaced out.”
Noel Nedli testifies that he heard tape recordings Kitty Menendez had made of Erik’s phone conversations.

January 31, 1996: Gabriel Friederichson testifies that all Big 5 Sporting Goods stores stopped selling handguns prior to March 1986.
Edward Fenno testifies he spoke to Erik Menendez who told him that he would prefer to go to U.C.L.A. rather than Berkeley.

January 31 – February 1, 1996: Craig Cignarelli, former best friend of Erik, testifies on direct examination (Jan. 31 ; Feb. 1) that Erik confessed to him how he and Lyle killed their parents.

February 5, 1996: Lyle’s former girlfriend Jamie Pisarcik testifies on direct examination that she had a conversation with Erik about Lyle’s hairpiece.

February 8 – 9, 1996: Dr. Park Dietz testifies (Feb. 8 ; Feb. 9) that Erik Menendez suffered from generalized anxiety disorder, but it did not impair his ability to think rationally at the time he shot his parents.

February 21, 1996: In the opening phase of closing argument, David Conn emphasizes an “extremely cold and callous remark” Lyle made to Sgt. Edmonds.

February 28 – 29, 1996: Charles Gessler makes a closing argument on behalf of Lyle Menendez. (Feb. 28 ; Feb. 29)

February 29, 1996: David Conn delivers an impassioned rebuttal closing argument.

March 1, 1996: Judge Weisberg reads the jury instructions.

March 20, 1996: Verdicts are read.

March 27, 1996: Penalty phase opening statements made by the Prosecution, and Lyle’s counsel, and Erik’s counsel.

March 28, 1996: Tennis coaches William Kurtain and Charles Wadlington testifies about their experiences coaching Lyle and Erik.
On direct examination Faith Goldsmith testifies Jose and Kitty were neglectful parents.

March 29, 1996: Among others, Jessica Goldsmith, Bonnie Hunter, Brian Alan Andersen, Jr. (direct only), Alicia Hercz, were called to testify.

April 1, 1996: Marianne Cano testifies she never saw any affection in the Menendez home.
Peter Cano testifies that he saw Jose Menendez punch 5-year-old Lyle in the chest with his closed fist.
Soccer coach Stephen Mosner testifies about his observations of Jose’s demeanor and behavior in connection with Lyle’s soccer games and practices.
Marta Cano testifies about her observations concerning the treatment of Lyle and Erik by their parents.

April 2 – 3, 1996: On direct examination Dr. Stuart Hart testifies about the effects of psychological mistreatment of children. (April 2 ; April 3)

April, 3, 1996: Father Kenneth Deasy testifies he counseled briefly with Erik before the killings and extensively after Erik was arrested.

April 1996: Turmoil and chaos erupted in the penalty phase when Dr. William Vicary testified that he had redacted several pages of his notes from his sessions with Erik Menendez. This resulted in motions for mistrial, motions to have Leslie Abramson removed as counsel, and hearings about which modifications in the notes were admissible evidence. Vicary’s testimony before the jury is as follows: April 3 ; April 4 ; April 10. Vicary also testified twice in 402 hearings outside the jury’s presence: April 5 ; April 9. (April 5 – Prosecution explains how they obtained the original unmodified notes.)

April 10, 1996: Kitty Menendez’ older brothers, Milton Andersen and Brian Andersen, describe their relationship with Kitty, and the impact her death had on them.
Outside the jury’s presence, Dr. Vicary testifies that, according to a notation in his unmodified notes, Dr. Jerome Oziel had warned the Menendez parents that their sons were a danger to them.